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Welcome! The Writing Center provides a collaborative learning environment for all members of the Salish Kootenai College community. CRLA certified tutors support undergraduates, graduate students, alumni, faculty, and staff working on a wide variety of academic, professional, and creative writing tasks. Online and in-person appointments are available five days a week. Reach out to writingtutors@skc.edu or drop by Michel 103 for more information.

Our Commitment

We commit to learning with and for our community about the power of language, using what we learn to provide resources and support to our peers, and raising awareness about the power of language in shaping our lives and world. Through this commitment, students are able to develop critical thinking, explore cultural awareness, examine citizenship, and utilize varied modes of communication.

Be advised, we check and respond to emails between the hours of 8:30 AM-4:30 PM, Monday-Friday. If an email is sent outside of those hours, we will do our best to respond the next business day. Thank you for understanding and respecting boundaries.


Tutoring for all writing assignments, regardless from which class/discipline they originate. Tutors also assist with scholarship applications/essays.

Remote tutoring sessions may be available during the day, after hours or on weekends, depending on tutor availability. Tutors are allowed, but not required, to schedule remote sessions outside of regular Writing Center hours.

Computers are available for use during lab hours (Macs and PCs)

Tables and couches available as study/lounge areas.


For face-to-face tutoring, drop-in during regular hours or make an appointment by phone or email writingtutors@skc.edu.

If remote sessions are needed during the day or after hours or weekends, send an email to writingtutors@skc.edu. Tutors will respond, and try to work out a time and day to schedule the session(s).

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