Division of Education

SKC's Division of Education has six distinct degree programs that prepare students for careers as credentialed classroom teachers in Early Childhood Education, Elementary (Kindergarten through Grade 8), Secondary (5-12) Science, Secondary (5-12) Math, and in Native Language Teaching settings.

SKC’s Division of Education degree programs provide an opportunity for students to become highly qualified professional educators that serve learners in diverse school settings. SKC’s teacher education programs are open to everyone. They are evaluated, approved, and accredited by the Montana Office of Public Instruction and the Montana Board of Public Education.

Students in the SKC Division of Education have several distinct advantages that set them apart from students in other teacher education programs. Our small size allows for close connections to Education faculty and staff, and to each other. This fosters a deep sense of commitment and purpose in students’ area of study, and provides an invaluable level of support and encouragement that can sometimes be harder to find in larger programs. Students are held to high standards, where the goal is excellence- not simply completion. Our student cohorts live, study, and work closely with each other and form personal and professional relationships that last far beyond the college classroom.

SKC’s education programs emphasize the value of teaching in culturally revitalizing and sustaining ways, regardless of the candidate’s individual personal background. As a tribal college, SKC’s mission is to provide post-secondary educational opportunities for Native Americans locally and from throughout the United States. The College’s teacher education programs were therefore developed to include the circumstances, issues, and methodologies known to be relevant for Native learners, whether in a PreK-12 classroom or in a college discussion group at our campus. Today’s classrooms are very diverse. New teachers need to be well equipped to understand, utilize, invite, and celebrate this diversity so that all learners can succeed.

Departments in this Division

Early Childhood Education

SKC’s Division of Education offers two distinct tracks for professional careers in early learning

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AA Early Childhood Education
BS Early Childhood Education
AA Early Childhood Education: P-3
BS Early Childhood Education: P-3

Elementary Education

The Elementary Education programs at Salish Kootenai College prepare candidates to teach all subjects in Kindergarten through 8th grade in Montana public schools.  More than ever, we need strong, knowledgeable and caring teachers to help guide and mentor the next generation of citizens.

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AS Elementary Education
BA Elementary Education

Secondary Science Education

There are state, national, and global shortages of secondary science teachers. Graduates from the Secondary Science Education Program have a 90% employment rate, with each receiving multiple job offers both within and outside of Montana.

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BS Secondary Science Education

Secondary Math Education

This program prepares teaching candidates to work with students at a level and in such a way that is beyond the memorization of algorithms and simple computation, and which approaches a deeper understanding of numeracy and logical reasoning – congruent with recent state and national shifts in mathematics instructional methods.

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BS Secondary Mathematics Education

Native Language Teacher Education

Key features of the program include an emphasis on educational practices that sustain and revitalize language and culture, as well as practicum experiences in which teacher candidates participate in hands-on Indigenous teaching and educational techniques.

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AS Native Language Teacher Education
BA Native Language Teacher Education