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Sarah Lamphere

I chose to stay at SKC because I feel that the personal support from my instructors and other staff members is something that I would have a hard time finding anywhere else. I tried to take online courses but found that I learn better in a classroom setting.

~Sarah Lamphere

Daveraylynn Todd

SKC provides a wide array of support for students. There are different tutorial centers and student support organizations that give assistance to students. Furthermore, the instructors go above and beyond to ensure that I get the support I need. The amount and nature of student support at SKC provides immense help so every student can succeed.

~Daverayln Todd

Jarvis Ashley

Above all, it is the faculty here at Salish Kootenai College that has shown me realistic career goals and helped me find the right path. If it were not for the faith and help of a certain few instructors, I would not be where I am today.

~Jarvis Ashley

Jordan Cart

So many people my age leave college with loads of student loan debt. I will graduate from SKC debt free, and to start my career with that kind of freedom is a true gift. I will have the credentials I need to find a job which allows me to do important work and to support my family, without the stress of looming debt. In this respect, choosing to attend SKC has been my key to the future.

~Jordan Carte


This school offers great programs and is in a beautiful place, it would be hard not to be inspired by all of it. I love that I can meet other native students from other places that are also striving for a better future. SKC offers great scholarship opportunities with a great staff to help you figure out how to apply for them. The faculty at SKC has been accommodating and always willing to help me. The whole support of students and faculty is amazing.

~Ashley Welker