SKC Leadership

The direction and policies that guide Salish Kootenai College are provided per our charter by the Board of Directors. The organization, illustrated in the following abbreviated organizational chart, turns the Board's vision into action. The actions of our passionate faculty and staff eventually empowers native and non-native communities across the United States and Canada.


Salish Kootenai College President
Dr. Sandra Boham


Vice President of Business Affairs
Audrey Plouffe

Business Office - Controller
Risk and Compliance - Director
IT Services - CIO
Human Resources


Vice President of Enrollment Management & Student Affairs
Dr. Antony Berthelote

Enrollment Management - Registrar
Financial Aid -Director
Career Services - Director
Disability Services - Coordinator
Center for Prevention and Wellness - Director
Upward Bound - Director
Student Support Services - Director
Housing - Director
Bookstore - Director
Food Services - Director
Athletics - Director
Academic Success - Director
Dual-Concurrent Enrollment - Coordinator


Vice President of Academic Affairs
Dr. Michael Munson

Graduate School - Dean
Institutional Effectiveness - Director
Academic Scheduling - Specialist
Assistant to VP of Academics
Library - Director
Business-Divison - Dean
Education-Division - Dean
Health Sciences -Dean
Natural Resources and Science Division - Dean
Native American Studies Division - Dean
Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Division - Dean
SKC Extension-Director
Highway Construction Training

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