Student Life

There is more to a good education than just hitting the books. The Student Life Department helps fill your cup and make your academic experience even more rewarding.

SKC Student Activities Department works to promote a rich, diverse, and intellectually stimulating college experience for every student. Working with other organizations, the office helps to create campus opportunities that expose students to new ideas and experiences. In addition, the office tries to infuse the campus with a sense of community and family. The student union building is open for studying, socializing, and other student events; also it is the center for many social events and gatherings on campus.

This office also works with the SKC Student Senate in coordinating campus activities that reflect the needs, hopes and desires of the general student population. Activities include campus speakers, poetry readings, talent shows, theater visits, film presentations, Family Night Programs, holiday theme evenings and community-wide dinners. Annual events include the Harvest Dinner, Spring Fling, Culture Night, Games Day, and the Student Awards Program. The office also sets up recreational events such as hiking, camping, skiing, softball, and rafting. Through this office, the SKC Intramural Program operates with both basketball and volleyball.

Student Clubs and Organizations

AIBL empowers Indigenous students to develop their business skills. This includes working in a team environment, organizing and executing fundraising events, developing business plans, volunteering, and student outreach. While AIBL is geared primarily toward business students it is open to all college majors who wish to develop their business knowledge and experience. Being an AIBL member also offers a range of opportunities including networking, mentorship, coaching, workshops, and training.

Club Officers

President: Bobbi Brooks
Vice-President: Vanessa Sanchez
Secretary: Shelby BigSpring
VP of Fundraising: Nevaeh Little-Mary
VP of Marketing: Cherish LaChance
Treasurer: Jon-Anthony Henry
VP of Public Outreach: Dana Comes At Night

Advisor(s): Timothy Carlin -

Social Media Info

Facebook: SKCAIBL
Instagram: SKCAIBL

The SKC Student Chapter of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) is an inclusive club at a small tribal college. Open to all students, regardless of their major, the club focuses on projects and events centered around campus and community service. Led by four officers and a faculty mentor, the club decides on its initiatives collectively. Their current project involves implementing battery recycling stations on campus and educating the community about recycling. The club has access to funds that support its projects, events, gear/supplies, and travel. Additionally, members have the opportunity to attend regional and national AISES conferences, expanding their horizons and fostering valuable connections. Joining the SKC AISES club and the national organization is free for any student. Further details can be found on the AISES website.

Club Officers

President- Steven Statham
Vice President- Travis Christopher
Secretary- Sharon Patascsil
Treasurer- Geo Maughan

Faculty Mentor: Drew Grennel -

Social Media Info:

Also affiliated with the AISES Club:





Social Media Info

Facebook: Spirit of Many Colors at SKC
Instagram: Spirit of Many Colors @skcspiritofmanycolors

SKC SEEDS (Strategies for Education in Ecology, Diversity and Sustainability) Club encourages all students to facilitate awareness of indigenous ecological issues and promotion of projects that support diversity, sustainability, and ecological knowledge. SKC SEEDS is a chapter of the Ecological Society of America (ESA) SEEDS program which serves to further the mission of SEEDS on college campuses. ESA SEEDS sponsors national and regional field trips, leadership meetings, travel awards to ESA meetings, research internship opportunities, and workshops.

Club Officers

President: Joni Tobacco
Vice President: Olivia Perez
Secretary: Rachel Tom
Treasurer: Amari Guardipee
Co-treasurer: Logan Williams

Janene Lichtenberg -
Alberta Ramirez -

Social Media Info

Facebook: skcseedsecologyclub

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