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A suitable study space,

Tutoring of all math and many science courses in room 109. Remote tutoring sessions may be available after hours or on weekends, depending on tutor availability. Tutors are allowed, but not required, to schedule remote sessions outside of regular lab hours.

Computers are available for use in rooms 110 and 111, except when scheduled for a class.

Quiz or exam proctoring. We have a folder for every math and science instructor in the Beaverhead Science Building. Instructors may leave exams, with instructions, so that students may test in the lab. Tutors administer the test, and return the completed exam to the instructor’s folder.


For face-to-face tutoring, just drop-in during regular hours.

If remote sessions are needed after hours or weekends, send an email to Tutors will respond, and try to work out a time and day to schedule the session(s). This depends on tutor availability.

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