Graduation 2023

As you cross this significant milestone, remember that your journey has been paved with hard work, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of knowledge. You have shown the world that greatness knows no boundaries, and that dreams can thrive even in the most unexpected places. Embrace the limitless possibilities that lie ahead, knowing that you possess the power to shape your future and leave an indelible mark on the world. Go forth, graduates, and let your brilliance illuminate the path for others to follow. The world eagerly awaits your incredible contributions.

Watch the 2023 SKC Commencement Ceremony

Charge into your Future!

Schedule of Events

Grand Entry

Drum – Yamncut


Nadia Adams
Salish Language Apprenticeship Program


Mr. Jim Durglo
SKC Board of Directors Chairman

President’s Welcome

Dr. Sandra Boham
Salish Kootenai College President

Commencement Address

Carrie Billy
CEO/President of AIHEC

Presentation of 2022-2023 Student of the Year

Dr. Antony Berthelote
V.P. of Enrollment Management & Student Affairs

Student Address

Dominque LaForge
2022-23 Student of the Year

Presentation of 2022-2023 Faculty of the Year

Dr. Antony Berthelote
V.P. of Enrollment Management & Student Affairs
Janene Lichtenberg

Presentation of Honorary Degrees

Mr. Jim Durglo
SKC Board of Directors Chairman Affairs

Presentation & Awarding of Diplomas to the SKC Graduating Class of 2023

Dr. Elaine Frank
Dean of Graduate Division

Dr. Antony Berthelote
V.P. of Enrollment Management & Student Affairs

Closing Prayer

Marquise Askan
Kootenai Language Apprenticeship Program

Honor Dance & Exit

Drum – Chief Cliff

2023 SKC Graduates

Master of Education Curriculum & Instruction

Steven Florenzio Arca
Shawnna R. Berthelote
Naomi Michelle Billedeaux
Dana C. Bremner
Shannon Coffin
Sunny DeCoteau
Stephanie A Fisher
Jennifer HeavyRunner
Tommy HeavyRunner
Cheryl L. Madman
Chase Nevarez
Bryanna Kristine Peterson
Brenda J. Richey
Veronica Willeto DeCrane
Amy Renae Williams

Master of Science Natural Resource Management

Brian Hogenson

Bachelor of Science Native Language Teacher Education

Cierra Jeppesen
Nicole Rae Perry
Kristina Mays

Associate of Science Native Language Teacher Education

Nadia S Adams
Jeanette Gardipe
Andrea McDonald
Lydia McKinney

Certificate of Completion Intensive Salish Language

Nadia S Adams
Andrea McDonald
Lydia McKinney
Alfred Woodcock

Associate of Arts Tribal Administration & Governance

Joele L. Big Sam-Keenan

Bachelor of Arts Tribal Historic Preservation

Ahwahnee Rain Williams

Associate of Arts Tribal Historic Preservation

Rylee Arlee
Tucker Allen Courville
Julie Jeffers
Dominique LaForge
Dine’ Warriors-Pistolbullet
Ahwahnee Rain Williams

Bachelor of Arts Business Administration

Misty Lea Doss

Associate of Arts Business Management

Shelby Blu BigSpring
Joshua Dean Boggess
Dana Comes At Night
Marcia Fisher
Rhea L. Gourneau
Jon-Anthony Clark Henry
Tara Hummingbird Jewell
Nevaeh Ranee Little-Marry
Angela Lozeau
Ronda Lozeau
Madison Martinez
Mary Rose Morigeau
Dawnette LaRose Swank

Bachelor of Science
Early Childhood Education: Preschool – 3

Camas Levi McClure

Bachelor of Science Elementary Education

Madalena Alicia Grace Clough
Sulee R. DeRoche
Adam Theis
Hydee Dayne Wilson

Associate of Science Elementary Education

Jade Danielle Dempsey
Emma Jo Scott
Quincy Terrell Williams

Bachelor of Science Early Childhood Education

Brittany Lace Fisher

Associate of Arts Early Childhood Education

Shawnda Sorrell

Bachelor of Science Forestry: Forest Management

Nizhoni Harvey
Jeniffer LaCounte
Omar Jara Lopez
Jarod Swan
Joni Kay Tobacco
Rachel C Tom

Associate of Science Forestry: Forest Management

Amanda Jo Berens
Jeniffer LaCounte
Aryn N. Mamizuka
Sarye RunsBehindMedicine
Joni Kay Tobacco
Lucas Vanderburg

Bachelor of Science Forestry: Wildland Fire

Marty J. Wallace Sr.

Associate of Science Forestry: Wildland Fire

Fidencio R. Balderas

Bachelor of Science Environmental Aquatic Resources

Leslie Ann Brownrigg

Bachelor of Science Wildlife & Fisheries

erin christine bell
Logan Lee Williams

Associate of Science Wildlife & Fisheries

Amari Guardipee
Traylyn Rose Kennerly
Samantha L. McNair
Morgan Rain Sellars

Bachelor of Science Hydrology

Joni Kay Tobacco

Associate of Science Hydrology

Scott R. Ollinger

Bachelor of Arts Psychology

Darcy Egan
Annie I. Evans
Janene M. Padilla
Sierra Faith Trotter

Associate of Arts Psychology

Alexia Biederman
Mariah Cheff
Cortnie Grace Ellenwood
Chanona Greiff
Tyrah Hammond
Johona Hoskinson
Anjulisiri R Moran
Desirae Rose Nault
Thomas Preston
MaryJo Sandberg
Alycia Michelle Shorty
Francheska A. Whitworth
Sunniva Whitworth

Bachelor of Science Life Sciences-Cellular Biology

Amber Hamm

Bachelor of Science Life Sciences-Environmental Health

Spencer Lloyd Dawson

Bachelor of Science Nursing

Jaycee Cooper
Gretchen Joan Fischer
Erin S. Horner
Kersten Jackson
JoDawna Renee Tso

Associate of Science General Science

Ryeanna Rain Rychelle Fennerr
Natasha Gravelle
Casey Lammers
Hailey Briana Nicole Tallmadge
Melanie Natysha-Rae Upham

Associate of Arts Health Promotion Practices

Theresa Marilyn Brendible
Valerie J. Johnson
Sarah Rose Parisian
Johnita Talawyma

Bachelor of Social Work

Jonathan Brewer
Angela C Evans
Donna Sophia Richard
Morning Star Roberts
Jaydee Lynn Weatherwax

Associate of Arts Chemical Dependency Counseling

Suzanne Elizabeth Doney
Josephine Nicole Drennan-Beck
Rebecca Groessler
Micole Foust LaCounte
Allen Goober McClure
Megan Rennich
Frances Rose Steffensmier

Associate of Arts Digital Design Technology

Nicholas Christopher Grant
Robyn Kay Iron
Shannon Salisbury DePoe
Desmyn J. Singer
Jorah Thompson

Associate of Arts Fine Arts

Devin Cordier
Nicholas Christopher Grant
Robyn Kay Iron
Twilynn LopezdeVictoria-Caye
Shannon Salisbury DePoe

Associate of Arts Liberal Arts

Gabriel A. Caye

Certificate of Completion Medical Assistant

Mayana Adrian
Danielle Pierre

Certificate of Completion Emergency Services: Emergency Health Studies

Seanna Rose Bigcrane
Wiley Kuntz

Certificate of Completion Pre-Engineering

Lansing Trey Don’t Mix
Trevor Jon Sorrell Jr.

Certificate of Completion Bookkeeping & Payroll

Andruw Michael Allen
Heather Marie Croff

Associate of Arts Grant Projects Management

Dana Lynn Comes At Night
Amy B Devereaux
Dawnette LaRose Swank

Certificate of Completion Grant Projects Assistant

Andruw Michael Allen

Certificate of Completion Dental Assisting Technology

Cara J Guardipee
Paris Jade Vaile

Certificate of Completion Medical Office Professional

Elease Aren Mendoza
Madison M. Miller
Krystal Orman

Certificate of Completion Highway Construction Training

Kaden Blixt
Comfort Bolen
Blaise Burland
Vincent Comstock
Bodis Duran
Hansen Victorio Kazhe
Freddy Martinez

Workforce Certificate Graduates

Computer Applications

Heather Marie Croff
Tara Jewell
Ronda Lozeau

Dental Endorsement

Falon Taylor BigSpring
Cara Jo Guardipee
Paris Jade Vaile

Emergency Medical Technician

Seanna Bigcrane
Wiley Kuntz
Anthony Jade Whiteman

Geospatial Science

Nizhoni Harvey
Omar Lopez
Aryn N Mamizuka
Patrick David Racine
Sarye RunsBehindMedicine
Jarod Swan
Rachel C Tom
Thomas Irving Trahan
Michael Kent Umphrey

Unmanned Aerial Systems Operations

Randall Paul Finley
Sarye RunsBehindMedicine
Rachel C Tom


Anna Elbon
Ashley Lyn Tryon

Automotive Repair

Jeremiah Berthelote