SKC Nursing: Making Room for New Perspectives

Salish Kootenai College (SKC) was recently featured in an article on the American Nurse website for its innovative nursing program. The article highlights the program’s unique approach to incorporating traditional Indigenous knowledge and practices into modern healthcare.

SKC’s nursing program is designed to prepare students to become culturally competent nurses who can provide high-quality care to Native American and other underserved populations. The program integrates Indigenous and Western nursing philosophies, with a focus on holistic care, community engagement, and social justice.

SKC nursing students learn about traditional Indigenous healing practices, such as smudging, sweat lodges, and herbal medicine. They also take courses on Indigenous culture and history, as well as social justice and health equity. In addition to their clinical rotations in hospitals and clinics, SKC nursing students also complete community-based projects that address the health needs of Native American communities.

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