Salish Kootenai College Fast Facts

Total Student Count

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SKC's Total Student Count

Enrollment Status

SKC's student enrollment status breakdown.


SKC's Student Population Gender Breakdown


SKC's total population ethnic breakdown.
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Tribal Enrollment Breakdown of SKC's population.

SKC Students Represent

20 States and Provinces
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68 North American Tribes

First Generation College Students

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Students per degree type Fall 2015

Degrees and Certificates Student Population representation
SKC Student Population degree type breakdown.
Number of degrees and certificates SKC has conferred since 1977.

Bachelor and Associate Degrees and Certificates of Completion conferred since SKC’s founding in 1977.

2016 Graduates

Degree type breakdown of 2016 SKC Graduates
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Of 2015-16 graduates responding to a career placement survey, 44% were continuing their education in Bachelor degree or graduate programs and 84% were employed in a field related to their academic major.  84% of respondents reported that SKC provided excellent or good preparation for their job or continuing education

Average Course Enrollment (Fall 2015)

SKC Students enjoy a 10 to 1 Student Teacher Ratio
SKC has 10 students per course on average.



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Faculty Qualifications

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