Bus Schedule

Salish Kootenai College does not run a scheduled bus service. The buses on this schedule are owned and operated by CSKT Tribal Transportation. To contact CSKT Tribal Transportation, call 406-275-2792. If you are unable to reach them, you may try Jeff at SKC Transportation 406-275-4846 for further assistance.

Students must call and schedule a ride 24-hours in advance before 3:00 PM 406-275-2792.

Bus Routes and Times

1st Route
Town Time Location
TownHot Springs LocationExxon Time5:25 AM
TownElmo LocationGreen Hall Time6:10 AM
TownBig Arm LocationPost Office Time6:20 AM
2nd Route
Town Time Location
TownHot Springs LocationExxon Time6:40 AM
TownElmo LocationGreen Hall Time7:10 AM
TownBig Arm LocationPost Office Time7:20 AM
Polson Route
Location Address Time
LocationSt. Joeseph Hospital Address6 13th Ave E Time7:15 AM
LocationWestside Bus Shelter Address4th Ave West Time7:20 AM
LocationIndian Senior Center Address3rd Ave E Time7:30 AM
LocationPier 93 AddressMain Street Time7:30 AM
Ronan Route
Location Address Time
LocationClarice Paul Address Time7:10 AM
LocationWoodcock Bus Shelter AddressWoodcock Time7:20 AM
LocationPache Bus Shelter AddressTerrace Lake Time7:30 AM
LocationTina Maries AddressHwy 93 Time7:40 AM
LocationMission Mart (Dollar Store) AddressHwy 93 Time7:45 AM
1st Route
Town Time Location
TownArlee LocationCommunity Center Time5:40 AM
TownArlee LocationNkwusm Time5:45 AM
TownRavalli LocationBison Café Time5:55 AM
TownMission LocationLonghouse Time6:00 AM
TownMission LocationCommunity Center Time6:05 AM
TownMission Location44 Bar Time6:10 AM
2nd Route
Town Time Location
TownArlee LocationCommunity Center Time6:40 AM
TownArlee LocationNkwusm Time6:45 AM
TownRavalli LocationBison Café Time6:55 AM
TownMission LocationLonghouse Time7:00 AM
TownMission LocationCommunity Center Time7:05 AM
TownMission Location44 Bar Time7:10 AM
Ronan Route
Location Time
LocationThree Woodcocks Bldg Time4:30 PM
LocationMichel Bldg Time4:30 PMM

Departures from the SKC Campus

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