The Associate and Bachelor of Science degrees in Information Technology (IT) provide students with broad and versatile skills to solve a wide range of problems in the field. The core of the curriculum introduces students to the fundamentals of IT with a focus on databases, networking, information security, and operating systems. Students will learn how to handle current and future IT business needs. Upper level courses prepare students to design, implement, and administer a complete IT infrastructure. Both IT programs prepare students for industry standard certifications, such as those from Cisco, Linux, Microsoft, and CompTIA.

Upon completion of the Associate of Science degree, students will:

  • Analyze problems and apply appropriate solutions to selected areas of the information technology field.
  • Effectively communicate and present technical information to a broad audience.
  • Demonstrate sufficient technical skills in selected areas of computer science.
  • Research and evaluate evolving and emergent technologies.


Upon completion of the Bachelor of Science degree, students will:

  • Demonstrate theoretical knowledge and essential technical skills in selected areas of information technology.
  • Effectively plan, develop, and implement appropriate information technology solutions.
  • Demonstrate synthesis and application of knowledge and skills by completing a major research project and corresponding research paper.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the economic and political systems of Native American reservations, especially in the area of information technology.