If students have any problems, please call Jeff at SKC Transportation at 275-4846.

Polson Route

St. Joe's Hospital 7:10AM
Tribal Housing-Westside Bus Shelter 7:15AM
Tribal Senior Center 7:20AM
Pier 93 7:30AM
Super 1 Foods 7:35AM

North Route

Dayton 6:50AM
Elmo 7:00AM
Big Arm 7:10AM

Ronan Route

Clarice Paul 7:10AM
Woodcock 7:20AM
Pache 7:30AM
Tina Marie's 7:35AM
Mission Mart 7:40AM

Missoula (SKC Van)

Hwy 93/Muralts 6:30AM

South Route

Arlee Tribal Community Center 6:40AM
Nkwusm 6:45AM
St. Ignatius Longhouse 6:55AM
Mission Community Center 7:00AM
Charlo Cut-Off Country Side Cafe 7:20AM
Ronan Town Pump 7:30AM

End of Day Departures

Michel Building Parking Log 4:30PM
Missoula Departure
Woodcock Building (Jesse) 4:45PM

Please Call 275-2792 to schedule rides for these locations:

Mission Dam Homesite Bus Shelter  |  Dixon Post Office - 6:10AM  |  Ravalli Bison Cafe  |  Hot Springs  |  Lone Pine