In order to meet student needs and proactively respond to the changes in the national financial aid program, there will be a new advising system for academic year 2012-2013. SKC Nursing and Liberal Arts Departments are partnering to provide advising services for prospective nursing students. This partnership will create an environment to allow advising services to meet students diverse individual needs. Due to the competitiveness and space limitation of SKC Nursing Program, many students are not admitted into the program. The partnership with Nursing and Liberal Arts Departments will provide students with degree options, other than nursing, if not accepted into the Nursing Program. Students who are not accepted into the Nursing Program will have the option to continue attending SKC and receive an Associate degree in Liberal Arts and apply to the ASN program the following year. This option helps students work towards an Associate degree while waiting to get into the Nursing Program and increases student eligibility for financial aid programs. Student’s time, energy, and finances will be optimized while the student completes an employable degree.

If you would like to attend SKC to complete ASN pre-requisites fill out a SKC college application and required documents, see SKC enrollment services.

If you are interested in the BSN program, contact the Nursing Department, at 406-275-4909.