Work Study at SKC

The College Work Study Program is administered in accordance with the laws; regulations and other instructions issued by the Department of Education, State of Montana, and the Title IV Campus-Based Programs. The day-to-day operation of the program includes job development, selections, placement and supervision of students, payment of students, maintenance of records and the preparation of required reports. At Salish Kootenai College these responsibilities are shared by the Financial Aid Office and (Career Services).
The purpose of the College Work Study Program is to expand part-time employment opportunities for student, particularly those of great financial need and who are in need of such earnings in order to pursue a course of study at an institution of higher education. Federal grants are made to institutions for their eligible students. Institutions may arrange employment of eligible students to work for the institution or in the public interest for a private or private non-profit organization.
The Financial Aid Office reserves the right to modify the conditions of the Work Study Program at any time. Such modifications may include: not allowing (20) hours per week during school vacation periods; reducing the maximum hours of work from 20 hours per week to a lesser number; completely terminating the Work Study Program prior to the date initially scheduled as the termination date if necessary.