SKC Tutor Program

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In response to Covid-19, SKC Tutoring Labs are now available online.  See below for instructions to get online support.

Click Here for important information from SKC in regards to Covid-19.

SKC Tutoring Options

SKC Writing Center

To access the Writing Lab, email: with the following:

  • Class name
  • What you would like help with

For example: a specific assignment, a scholarship essay, writing a proposal, thesis statement, etc.

The Online Writing Center will provide the same access to tutors that you received on campus. Tutors give feedback on your drafted writing assignments. They can help with any component of the writing process, from idea formulation to a final draft. They can help with thesis statements, outlines, citations, organization, sentence and paragraph construction, and word choice. Tutors are familiar with the writing assignments and instructor expectations for Comp I, Comp II, Writing Research Papers, and Nursing, but can help with all written work.

SKC Math & Science Lab and Tutors

To access the Math/Science Lab and Tutors, email: with the following:

  • Class name
  • What you would like help with

For example: a specific assignment, test preparation, etc.

The Online Math/Science Lab provided similar services like those offered at the campus lab.  Students will be able to meet with tutors, discuss problems, ask questions, and get instruction.  Since this is a virtual lab, some services may be dependent on the student’s technology and connection.


To access Online Synchronous 24-hour Tutoring, TutorMe, CLICK HERE

TutorMe is an online service that uses paid students from all over who have trained as tutors.  When you click into TutorMe you will be prompted to select a subject and state your problem. You can also upload an assignment or paper.  Profiles of available tutors will be listed and you can select one that seems like a good fit. The tutoring session will begin immediately and will be a live session over your connected device.

Peer Tutor Qualifications

A minimum of 3.0 GPA must be maintained in subjects being tutored and a recommendation from a course instructor verifying that a 3.0 reflects an adequate level of content competence in the course.


  • Enthusiasm about subject(s) tutoring.
  • Concern for fellow student with the ability to communicate one-on-one with varying academic, economic, and racial backgrounds.
  • Ability to facilitate small groups.