Your SKC Student ID Card

Once you have registered for classes you will need to get an SKC Student ID.  These are obtained through the IT department located at the A. Mathias building.  You will need to bring proof of registration and a photo ID.

SKC Student ID

  • Allows you to use SKC printers, copiers, and scanners around campus.  Money must be pre-loaded on the card at the Big Knife Building.
  • Verifies that you are a student at SKC.  You may find that you will get discounts around the community for being a student.
  • Money can be pre-loaded on the card to be used at the Three Wolves Deli.

Lost or Stolen ID

There is no charge to get your original ID; however, in the event you lose your ID there is a $10 charge for a replacement.  To get a replacement you will need to go to the Business Office at the Big Knife building and pay the $10.  You will then need to bring the receipt of payment to the IT department located at the A. Mathias building and get your replacement.


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