General Safety Tips for College Students

SKC Security 406-239-6267 or 211 from a college landline

Program your phone with the SKC Campus Security number 406-239-6267

Call Campus Security at 406-239-6267 if you feel uncomfortable walking alone.

Call Campus Security at 406-239-6267 if you feel uncomfortable walking alone.

Don’t post notes on your door memo board with your schedule; leave these messages for your roommate in your room.

Don’t be drunk, especially in a situation where you may be vulnerable.

Don’t be alone with someone you just met.

Never leave a drink unattended or accept a drink from a stranger.

Always lock your door and don’t prop open residence hall doors.

Have your key in hand when entering a parking lot.

Check underneath your car as you approach.

Know exactly where the emergency exits are located and always pay attention to the fire alarm.

Don’t drape scarves or other fabrics over lamps.

Don’t cook when you are drunk.

Don’t leave the kitchen when you are cooking.

Don’t leave candles burning unattended.

If a friend seems ill, get help immediately. Don’t worry about getting them “in trouble.” Their safety and well-being are most important.

Don’t play the hero by stepping into a volatile situation. Get help from RAs, SKC Campus Security, or dial 911.

Don’t share your Social Security number with anyone over the phone or Internet.

Trust your instincts!! If something feels wrong with a person, building or situation, something probably is wrong. Change your plans, move away from the person, get out of the area-whatever is necessary for you to feel comfortable.

Call 9-1-1 in all Emergencies!