Medical Billing Coding & Insurance

As Healthcare becomes increasingly more digital a growing need is seen for professionals fluent in the Medical Coding and Billing language. With this Certificate of Completion you can find yourself in the right spot for a satisfying lifelong career.

The Medical Billing, Coding, and Insurance Certificate of Completion prepares students for employment in medical billing and coding within healthcare facilities.  Student will gain skills and knowledge in specific courses geared towards healthcare industry, including medical terminology, legal and ethical issues, foundation in medical coding and billing, understanding of human disease and pharmacology, and basic computer application skills in word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and database.  After completion of the certificate, students will be prepared to take one of the national certification examinations.

Career Opportunities

Students who complete the Medical Billing, Coding, and Insurance Certificate of Completion will be prepared for employment in entry-level billing, coding, and insurance positions.  Students are also prepared to take the billing and coding national certification exams.

According to the Montana Department of Labor and Industry, for Healthcare Support Occupations the current average salary in Montana is $34,160.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Certificate of Completion in Medical Billing, Coding, and Insurance, graduates will be able to:

  • Define medical terms and identify body systems and functions.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the ethical/legal aspects of medical office employment.
  • Demonstrate skills in coding and billing for medical reimbursement.
  • Create and maintain spreadsheets, database, presentations, and word processing documents commonly used in businesses.
  • Demonstrate skills required for administrative responsibilities in a medical facility.

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