Medical Assistant

Associate of Applied Science Degree

Medical Assistant Associate of Applied Science

The Medical Assistant AAS Degree is a new degree, offered for the first time Fall Quarter of 2015 at SKC. The creation of the degree was in response to the increased employment opportunities for qualified Medical Assistants in healthcare facilities both locally and nationally. The curriculum was developed through a partnership of the Business Technology Department and the Nursing Department.

Students completing this two-year AAS degree will be prepared for employment in both the front office and the clinical side of healthcare facilities. The curriculum includes skills and knowledge in Medical Terminology, Anatomy and Physiology, patient in-take, medical billing and coding, law and ethics in the healthcare field, communication with patients, computer applications, and software used in the medical field. Clinical skills include preparing patients for exams, taking patient histories, phlebotomy, assessing lab results, reviewing medications, and routine patient care. In addition, students will be required to practice their skills through an externship in a local hospital or clinic. Upon successful completion of the required coursework and externship, student will be prepared to take the Medical Assistant Certification Exam.

In addition to the specific Medical Assistant and Office Professions courses, students are required to take general education courses as required by AAS Degree programs at Salish Kootenai College.

SKC Medical Assistant AAS Degree
Program Objectives
  • Provide students with knowledge of medical terminology, along with body systems and functions.
  • Prepare students for the legal and ethical issues necessary for employment in healthcare facilities.
  • Provide students with billing and coding skills along with medical software knowledge for proper reimbursement in medical facilities.
  • Equip students with routine clinical skills to assist health care providers in various settings.
  • Enable students to utilize the appropriate method(s) of communication with patients, co-workers, and other healthcare providers.
  • Prepare students to consider cultural issues when interacting with patients/clients.
Special Requirements

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