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Mathematical Sciences Program

The goal of the Associate of Science in Mathematical Sciences (ASMS) degree is to prepare students interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) related fields. Upon completion of the ASMS students will have completed the general (CORE) requirements set fourth by the Montana University System (MUS) as well as the mathematics requirements found in the first two years of the STEM-related degrees offered by MUS institutions.

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Career Opportunities

The knowledge gained by completing this program will prepare students for a wide variety of career choices in STEM-related fields that require extensive mathematics background. Choice could include pure or applied mathematics, statistics, engineering, or mathematics teaching. Regardless of choice, mathematics is an excellent foundation for, and is usually a prerequisite to, study in all areas of science and engineering. Thus giving students leaving SKC with an ASMS degree numerous career opportunities.

Learning Outcomes
Program Objectives

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