Enrollment Services

The Enrollment Services Department is one of the departments students generally have first contact with prior to enrolling at Salish Kootenai College. This department is located in the Robert Depoe III Building, which is connected with Career Services and the Bookstore.

The Enrollment Services Department consists of the following offices:

Admissions/Transfer Credit Evaluation

Provides students with the necessary information and paperwork to enroll at SKC and register for coursework. This office also evaluates transferable credits.

For more information regarding Admissions/Transfer Credit Evaluation, please contact (406) 275-4855.

SKC Transfers
SKC Registrar

The Registrars Office is in charge of the following: registration process, student records, grades, transcripts and graduation.

For more information regarding the Registrars Office, please contact: (406) 275-4864.

Student Success Team

The Student Success Team at SKC is here to assist students with anything that may arise during their time on campus. This includes academic issues such as attendance and grades, housing, financial questions, personal issues, and referrals for counseling, tutoring, and other services. We are here to act as a bridge between the student and whatever they are dealing with; giving support and encouragement while figuring out the best plan of action. Our goal is for the student to be successful, feel empowered, and follow the path that is right for them.

The Student Success Team is located in the Agnes Kenmille Building. For more information regarding the Student Success Team, please contact:

Selina Oshanee Kenmille, Director

Office of Student Success
(406) 275-4712
Text Only:  (406) 215-4690

Chelsy Higgins, Success Coach

Office of Student Success
(406) 275-4711
Text Only:  (406) 559-3357
SKC Student Success
SKC Records Managment
Records Management

The Records Manager maintains information regarding students’ academic records at SKC and all permanent academic records as submitted to SKC.

For more information regarding Records Management, please contact: (406) 275-4715.