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Engineers use knowledge of science and mathematics to design and manufacture useful products and services. Electrical engineers design systems for generating and storing electrical energy, communications systems such as cell phone networks, and electronic devices. Computer engineers design software and hardware components of computing systems and computer controlled equipment. Mechanical engineers design mechanical and thermal devices such as turbines in power plants, refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, and medical devices. Civil engineers design buildings, water supply, and wastewater treatment facilities, and roads and bridges.

The entry-level education required for employment as an engineer is a bachelor’s degree. Students can begin their engineering education at SKC while benefitting from small class sizes and complete the last two years of the bachelor’s degree at another college or university such as at Montana State University or Montana Tech.

SKC Program Introduction
Associate Degree Learning Outcomes

Upon the completion of the A.S. in Engineering degree, the graduate will:

  • know how to apply the engineering design process;
  • demonstrate the ability to apply analytic, laboratory, and computer-based tools;
  • be able to communicate their work in written, oral, and graphical formats.
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