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Dual Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions

In general, SKC courses transfer to other colleges or universities. SKC is accredited by the same accreditor as all other colleges and universities in the northwest United States. However, it is always up to the receiving institution to determine which courses will transfer.

SKC is on the academic quarter system. Therefore, 3 credit courses may not fulfill requirements for a 3-credit course at an institution on the academic semester system. As an example, students wishing to take English Composition courses at SKC will take ENGL 101 and ENGL 202, which will transfer to the Montana University Systems as a 3 semester credit English course. Other SKC 3-credit courses generally transfer as elective courses or may transfer as meeting general education courses.

SKC courses that are 5 credits generally transfer to other colleges and universities as a 3 semester credit course. For example, a sequence of Physics at SKC (3, 5-credit courses across a year) transfers as meeting a year of general physics at other institutions.

If you have questions about course transfer, don’t hesitate to talk to Melissa, the Dual Enrollment Coordinator.

Smaller class sizes leads to more interaction with instructors and other students.

SKC offers numerous support systems, including free tutoring.

Dual Enrollment courses cost less than regular college tuition.


These steps are illustrated in the DE Admissions Process Page.

Fill out the D.E. Application and D.E. Registration forms
Send these forms to Melissa_tiensvold@skc.edu
Once received allow 1-3 days for an email from Melissa.