Center for Prevention & Wellness

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The Center for Prevention & Wellness specializes in health promotion and direct services related to advocacy, mental health counseling, and public health services. Our services are free and confidential for all SKC students.

The mission of the Center for Prevention & Wellness (CPW) is to provide culturally relevant programs aimed at improving the health and wellness of all community members including American Indians. We provide education and direct services with respect for the uniqueness, strengths, and dignity of individuals and communities.

The vision of the Center for Prevention & Wellness (CPW) is to reduce the overall impact of health disparities experienced by individuals living upon American Indian Reservations and the wider Northwest


Services Available at the CPW

  • Counseling Services
  • Advocacy Services with SAFE Harbor
  • Certified Peer Education
  • Student Health 101
  • Prevention & Education
    • Bystander Intervention
    • Alcohol Edu and Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates

Clinical Counseling

Clinical therapists are available through our community partner Cedar Creek Integrated Health. Cedar Creek uses a short term counseling model that aims to address students concerns in eight sessions. If students need additional services beyond this they may be able to receive them depending on the needs and availability of resources. Depending on the referral needs additional low cost services are available through a number of our community partners.

Please note- COVID-19 update: Counseling Services has transitioned from face-to-face services to distance-counseling services. Please call 406-212-5454 or 406-275-4913 during regular business hours to schedule, including urgent counseling appointments.

*Please refer to for additional student information related to COVID-19.


Student advocacy is available to students experiencing stalking, domestic violence, sexual assault, physical assault, and discrimination. Advocacy referrals are accessible through our community partner, SAFE Harbor. Students may elect to meet on-site with an advocate through SAFE Harbor or another location of their selection. Montana law allows for specific confidentiality protection through advocate privilege available through SAFE Harbor advocates.


A number of confidentiality guidelines and statues are recognized on campus specifically through our program. These programs are required by law and professional ethics to protect the confidentiality of all communication between advocate and client, counselor and client, and health provider and client with the exception of instances of harm to self or harm to others.

Crisis or emergency

Any SKC student who believes a potentially life-threatening situation is immediate should call 911.

Center for Prevention & Wellness Staff

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