COVID-19 Tuition Waiver

SKC is Rising to the Challenge. We know these are trying and uncertain times, and we don't want that to put a hold on your dreams of improving through education. With that in mind, we've instituted a temporary tuition waiver of 50% for all SKC students. We hope our students will be able to use the additional funds to offset any extra costs that might be associated with the pandemic.

There are of course some questions you might have. We'll try and answer them below.


How do I claim my tuition waiver?
It will be automatically calculated when you register. Your Student Account in the Business Office will reflect the waiver.

Who qualifies for a tuition waiver?
All students who enroll for classes.

Is the waiver a refund?
No, the waiver does not provide a refund. The waiver reduces the cost of tuition.

If you can offer a waiver now how come you don’t offer it all the time? 
Federal COVID-19 relief funds were provided to institutions of higher education. Salish Kootenai College decided to use some of the funds to support students to be able to continue with their education by providing a tuition waiver of 50%.

Is the tuition waiver for the whole school year?
The tuition waiver is currently planned for the 2022-2023 Academic Year.