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Tutoring Services

Tutoring services are available at SKC through a coordinating effort by the Career Services and Student Support Services. The tutoring program is funded in part by competitive grant awards. The fund awards are used to serve tutoring services to all students through the Career Center.

Tutors are responsible to effect positive change in a student’s academic pursuit. They are to prepare tutees in specific course(s) for their next class; taking tests and quizzes, enhances each tutee’s self-esteem, and learning strategies. Tutors have an impact not only on student’s grades and study skills but also on his/her attitude and behaviors beyond the classroom.

The ultimate goal is to help students become independent of assistance. In the mean time the tutor and tutee should work constantly towards the immediate goal of student’s academic success and self-confidence in the course at hand.

Although tutors may lack the expertise of a professional tutor or have little or no experience tutoring, the strengths they bring to the tutoring task are substantial, such as: individualized attention, patience, understanding, flexibility, and ideas on how to approach the material. Also, as a tutor they will experience personal growth as they sharpen their subject matter, expertise and the skill in managing and facilitating the learning of others.

The tutoring program at SKC is informal, in part due to the fact that most of the tutoring is carried on outside the classroom environment. Like the tutors of the past, they are honest, dependable, responsible, and conscientious. Tutors will gain in self-confidence, subject matter expertise, helping skills, and communication skills. These characteristics make tutoring possible and are key parts to the success of the SKC tutoring program. The Career Service and Student Support Service staff is readily available to assist you and we depend on regular communication with our tutors regarding your tutoring activities.

SKC Tutoring Program

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Peer Tutor Qualifications

A minimum of 3.0 GPA must be maintained in subjects being tutored and a recommendation from a course instructor verifying that a 3.0 reflects an adequate level of content competence in the course.


  • Enthusiasm about subject(s) tutoring.
  • Concern for fellow student with the ability to communicate one-on-one with varying academic, economic, and racial backgrounds.
  • Ability to facilitate small groups.