Office Professions Certificate of Completion

The Office Professions Certificate of Completion prepares students for entry-level employment in general office positions.  The curriculum focuses on concepts and skills in the following areas:  records management and filing, business math and calculator skills, word processing and spreadsheet applications, customer service skills, and general workplace competencies necessary for office employment.   The certificate also requires a 50-hour practicum where students gain real world experience in a local office.  In addition to the office courses, students take general education courses as required by certificate programs at Salish Kootenai College.

Students entering the 42-credit certificate program prepared to take the required courses can complete the certificate in one year providing they successfully pass the required courses each quarter.  Upon completion of the OP Certificate, students wanting to transition into the Business Tech AAS (2-year) degree would have a number of the required courses completed.

Program Objectives:

  • Equip student with basic employment skills necessary for job success.
  • Provide skills to become proficient in oral and written communication.
  • Prepare students to manage records and file appropriately in an office.
  • Build competency in word processing and spreadsheet applications for office use.
  • Enable students to analyze and solve business math problems.
  • Equip students with appropriate customer service skills to interact with customers via telephone or face-to-face.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will manage records in an organization including the ability to file records alphabetically, numerically, geographically, and by subject.
  • Students will exhibit competency in basic office skills and professionalism in a practicum setting.
  • Students will demonstrate appropriate Human Relations skills in customer and co-worker interactions.
  • Students will create and maintain spreadsheets and word processing documents commonly used in businesses.
  • Students will staff and equip an office, addressing ergonomic issues and maintaining a budget.
  • Students will be able to solve business math calculations using an electronic calculator.