Junior Year Entry Into B.A. Psychology Program

Success in the Psychology B.A. program requires significant skills in writing. Therefore, it is important to have the training you need before taking on the Psychology B.A. curriculum. The program moves fast and students without well-developed skills in writing can fall behind.

Therefore, to enter the Junior Year of the psychology program, you need to fill out a Placement Application, do a Psychology Writing Sample, and take the Writing Section of the TABE test. This will help determine your current skills level and help figure out which, if any, skills you need to practice.


Print the Placement Application form and fill it out. Submit a hard copy to the Psychology Department


To schedule the Writing Section of the TABE test, contact Dorinne Bingham (275-4791) or the Department of Academic Success main number (275-4986). Sign up only for the Writing Section, which will take approximately one hour. Please do this before fall pre-registration starts, to beat the rush. If you wait, you may not be able to take it until later in the quarter.


The Psychology Writing Sample is administered at pre-registration for new junior-level students, or for those who did not take it at the end of the sophomore year. If you took it during your sophomore year, you do not need to retake it. It takes approximately one hour and will be scheduled by the psychology department at pre-registration.


An understanding of ethical behavior, including appropriate interpersonal conduct, is important for any student considering a career in psychology. As part of your commitment to your educational experience at SKC, you are expected to know and comply with the behavioral guidelines set out in the SKC Student Handbook.
In addition to this, the psychology program has developed a Psychology Student Conduct Code as a guide for students in the psychology program.
At the beginning of the Junior Year, psychology B.A. students will be asked to sign a statement confirming that they have read and understood the Psychology Student Conduct Code, and will comply with the guidelines outlined therein. This statement becomes part of the student’s advising file.