The BSW faculty and staff have been involved in ongoing efforts improve the program and its assessment and to enhance student performance based on the assessment results. The program contracted with an Accreditation Specialist and an Assessment Coordinator in 2006 to assist faculty with developing and/or refining course assignments to better align with course objectives, designing appropriate assessment instruments, articulating data collection procedures, and analyzing data. Group workshops and trainings, as well as individual consultations continue to be provided to faculty.

The BSW Program has collected and analyzed data for six years in order to monitor the quality and progress of the program as well as assess student performance. Each year, the Social Work department personnel have been deliberate in their consideration and use of the program assessment results to improve the quality of the program and its outcomes. This attention to the assessment outcomes continues to pay dividends in program improvement.

Although one must consider the caveats in regards to the strength of the evidence given our small student population and the relatively large variance in scores both within and across years, the assessment evidence suggests continuous improvement in student achievement. More precise comparison with previous years’ data using the overall benchmark attainment is difficult, given the many changes that have occurred in the program’s assessment over the last six years, including annual revisions of keystone assignments, scoring rubrics, and Internship Learning Agreement evaluation tool. The 2008 EPAS and focus on core competencies and practice behaviors have resulted in yet another significant revision of the BSW program and assessment plan in 2010. All syllabi, assignments, and assessment tools were changed to align with the new standards. Moreover, the small sample sizes for the SKC BSW Program assessments mean that individual scores easily skew the results. This situation can make it difficult to discern trends over the years when one considers assessment results type by type. In spite of these challenges, the BSW personnel and Assessment Specialist will continue to collaborate to maintain a high quality assessment plan that aligns with the new guidelines and provides information rich data that the program can use fruitfully.

All accredited social work programs are required to measure and report student learning outcomes. Students are assessed on their mastery of the competencies that comprise the accreditation standards of the CSWE. These competencies are dimensions of social work practice that all social workers are expected to master during their professional training. The following pages will provide information about the data indicators used in our assessment and the findings by academic year.