The Highway Construction Training Program (HCT) is designed to provide students with the necessary technical skills, competencies and knowledge to obtain employment as entry-level heavy equipment operators and truck drivers with a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). The HCT Program also includes a flagger certificate course and an introduction to basic surveying techniques The curriculum is arranged for qualified students to meet the growing needs of employers in the highway construction industry, general road construction, and mining and related industries, and in tribal, city, county, and state government road maintenance jobs. Students work in a positive learning environment under the supervision of qualified instructors who guide and advise them in conditions that duplicate actual work sites. Students gain skills and proficiency in areas such as work ethics, job applications, interviewing, verbal and written communication, and related educational skills. Students take one quarter of truck driving and one quarter of heavy equipment operation. During spring quarter, students gain field experience with emphasis in either truck driving or heavy equipment operation.

Specific Objectives

Upon completion of the Highway Construction Training Program, students will demonstrate the following technical skills and competencies:

  • Operate backhoes, bulldozers, compactors, excavators, loaders, road graders, and scrapers safely and efficiently.
  • Have earned a Class “A” Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) by demonstrating proficiencies based on Montana and USDOT requirements, and operate ten and eighteen wheel trucks safely and efficiently.
  • Demonstrate competency in Temporary Traffic Control through training and testing based on the requirements of the Montana Department of Transportation and the Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices of the USDOT of the Federal Highway Administration. Students will receive a Flagger Certificate upon successful completion.
  • Use critical thinking to describe basic mechanical operations and implement preventative maintenance procedures, and
  • to demonstrate knowledge of the laws, regulations, and safety requirements of the profession.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in preventative maintenance and basic mechanical skills
  • Attain the technical skills and knowledge necessary to earn credentials from NCCER in Heavy Equipment Operation
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the laws, regulations and safety requirements of the profession
  • Demonstrate familiarity with the realities of employment in the truck driving/construction industry.