SKC 2014 HI-SET Testing Schedule

Salish Kootenai College

Location – Late Louis Caye Sr. Cultural Building

For More Info Contact Sharon Rosenbaum

Tele: Cell 253-8821 or  275-4800 Ext4601


Month Testing Dates Time
February Sat. – 1ST AND 15TH 8:00 AM
March Sat. – 1ST AND 15TH 8:00 AM
April Sat. – 5TH AND 19TH
8:00 AM
May Sat. – 3RD AND 17TH
8:00 AM
June Sat. – 7TH AND 21ST 8:00 AM
July Sat. – 5TH AND 19TH 8:00 AM
August Sat. – 2ND AND 16TH 8:00 AM
September Sat. – 6TH AND 20TH 8:00 AM
October Sat. – 4TH AND 18TH 8:00 AM
November Sat. – 1ST AND 15TH 8:00 AM
December Sat. – 6TH AND 20TH 8:00 AM


Please be aware that we are now under a new Testing Program.  HiSet Paper-Based Testing.

You will now register on line, pay for your testing on line, schedule a testing appointment on line, buy testing study material on line, and study on line with sample testing material.  The web site you will need to use is:

 You will still need to present a Photo ID, Proof of Montana Residency and Proof of age, and a letter from the last school you attended if you are 17 or 18 years olds before testing. The cost of testing is $50.00 paid to HiSet on line and $15.00 paid to SKC before testing. Please note that we are here to help you.  Call and we can walk you through the steps and help in anyway you need.