Graduates of the Business Technology AAS degree will be prepared for employment in entry-level business positions such as Accounting Technicians, Computer Applications Specialists or General Supervisors. In addition, they would be prepared for advanced office positions including Administrative Assistants, Office Managers or Executive Secretaries.  These positions are expected to increase in demand over the next five-year period both in Montana and nationally.

This two-year AAS degree provides knowledge and skills in computer applications widely used in today’s organizations including word processing, spreadsheet, database and graphic presentation software.  The curriculum also focuses on accounting fundamentals using both manual and computerized systems, business math and electronic calculator skills, management and supervisory concepts, business correspondence and presentations, customer service, personal finance, marketing and advanced office skills. Students are required to complete a practicum involving 50 hours of business or office experience in a local organization.  This experience provides hands-on, real world examples of what skills are expected in current business or office positions.

In addition to the specific business, computer application, and office courses, students are required to take general education courses as required by AAS Degree programs at Salish Kootenai College.
Program Objectives: 

  • Prepare students with employment skills in entry-level business positions and advanced office positions.
  • Provide oral and written communication skills for business and office interactions.
  • Prepare graduates with proficiency in computer applications necessary for office and business use.
  • Provide competence in setting up and maintaining an accounting system for a business either manually or electronically.
  • Equip students with management skills in order to appropriately supervise employees in the workplace.
  • Prepare students to analyze and solve business math computations using an electronic calculator.
  • Explore community needs and promote community service projects.

Student Learning Outcomes:

Students completing the AAS Business Technology Degree will have the ability to:

  • Set up and maintain an accounting system for a business.
  • Demonstrate skills in researching, writing, and delivering a business presentation.
  • Supervise employees in a business environment.
  • Create and format business documents appropriately.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in advanced computer skills.
  • Solve business math computations on an electronic calculator.
  • Explore community service needs and citizenship issues as they relate to local organizations.